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   John Ortiz draws his inspiration from a love of diverse art and design. Growing up in New York City, he was introduced to graffiti at a young age. Legends like Futura and Ces provided the visual aesthetics, detailed techniques, and rhythm of colors, which laid the foundation for his style today. His approach to the creative process, combined with a keen interest in abstract expressionism, is showcased in his mixed media art, printmaking and commercial design. This style contains great movement and interaction between organic and geometric shapes, which is driven by his past work and new experimentation. With his letter-based designs and murals, John has been able to showcase a variety of typographic studies through mediums like acrylic, spray paint and chalk. 

  John’s work has been featured in Pyramid Atlantic’s Exhibition “Hello My Name Is”, DC 2 Standing Rock’s “DC Artist’s in Solidarity with Standing Rock”, and In Response: Conversations Between Emerging Artists and Contemporary Work From the CAPP Collection at The University of Maryland’s Stamp Gallery. His recent print, "In Your Name We Rise George Floyd", which was a part of the We Stand project, was recently added to the ephemera collection of the National Portrait Gallery, The Library of Congress, Smithsonian Archives, and National Museum of African American History & Culture.  


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