“Still Dreaming” on display at The University of Maryland

Great experience and proud to say that the “Still Dreaming” piece was on display at The University of Maryland’s Stamp Gallery, in the exhibition, “ In Response: Conversations Between Emerging Artists and Contemporary Work From the CAPP Collection”. Nice to see all the amazing work from other talented artists in there as well. Have to thank the University of Maryland College Park and everyone at Meta Cartel for the opportunity.

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Art Attack XXXII

Great turnout at this years Art Attack, which was at The University of Maryland. From live performances to all kinds of vendors, there were plenty of things for everyone. The fact that I was invited to do some live painting, from the good people at Meta Cartel, made it a memorable one! The theme for the 4’x6′ and 18″x24″ mixed media pieces was based off of what’s been going on in our backyard. I used newspaper clippings that were only related to the events which occurred in Baltimore, as my first layer. From there, just worked in some Maryland colors among others, and the MLK graphic. The graphic was included in this piece as a reminder/reflection of the last time similar reactions/events occurred in Baltimore, which was the assassination of MLK in 1968…

Thanks again to those who came out to support!

Be sure to check out the snapbacks at Meta Cartel as well!


New Screen Prints (Work in progress)

I recently started working on a couple of prints where I’m using a combination of techniques and mediums that I haven’t used before. Below are some progress shots of three prints. There are more layers to be added, so I’ll be sure to post some additional pics   in the near future. IMG_4438_16 IMG_4439_15 IMG_4440_13

Monthly Milestone Baby Signs

I’ve recently had the pleasure of working on some monthly milestone baby signs for my friends son, little Miles. Definitely having fun with these guys and I can’t wait for the months to come and see Miles grow within his first year! Below are the first two months: in progress, complete, and with the one and only.


Updates & Projects

It’s been a little while since I’ve been on the site, but glad to be back on here. I’ll have to admit I’m still getting use to posting things though. From canvases to custom work, the spring/summer season is looking good. I’ll do my best to update the site with progress along with any other interesting news in the future.

In the meantime here are some beginning-stage photos of one project I’m working on. This was a request from a good friend in which I was asked to paint one of his helmets with some artistic freedom. No complaints there!

IMG_2071 IMG_2417 IMG_2423 IMG_2424